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Just Eat

Anti-diet 1:1 nutrition coaching to help you create a lifestyle that you enjoy where salad and fries can co-exist.

If you're ready to break free from diet culture, stop obsessing about food, and learn to trust your body, you're in the right place.

Imagine having a peaceful, easy relationship with food.

Not spending all your time and energy worrying about your diet.

Being able to

Feel in control around food

Build body trust

Handle emotions without food

Eat your favorite food without guilt

So that you
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Feel more confident

Have mental energy to focus on what matters in life

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Enjoy spending time with the people you love

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Are happier & healthier

My program is for you if:

  • You are ready to say goodbye to dieting forever and know how to eat without rules.
  • You are ready to remove the guilt and enjoy food again!
  • You want to develop confidence in your body & be in control of how you look, feel and eat.
  • You want to apply Intuitive Eating Principles in life and create healthy habits that last.
  • You are ready deconstruct unhelpful beliefs about food, gradually replacing them with internal awareness.

my program is “NOT” for you if:

  • You are looking for someone to tell you what to eat. (i.e. meal plan)
  • You can’t commit to weekly coaching sessions and prefer to go at your own pace. (Check un-diet your life course)
  • You don’t want to learn, change your mindset or question your beliefs.
  • You are only interested in losing weight or shrinking your body.
  • You are looking for a "quick fix."
  • You only view health in terms of physical health and have no interest in bettering your mental or emotional health.

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Let me be the last nutritionist you will ever need!

When you invest in this 3-month program, you’ll get:

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Weekly coaching calls

In these 45-60 min calls, Yasmine will work with you to understand and apply intuitive eating principles, identify obstacles and set weekly health goals & habits.

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Get “Fit Easy” recipe book, info graphs and habit tracking tools that will help you during the week and improve your consistency.


Follow-up & support

Get guidance as you transform your thoughts, habits and behaviors from the inside out. Reach out between sessions with any questions or concerns.

Yasmine Mamdouh

Founder / Certified nutrition coach

I have personally spent thousands on weight-loss supplements, diets, and gym challenges. I wasted too many precious life moments because I was in my head worrying about my body and not enjoying the present moment.

It was not until I got educated about intuitive eating that I understood how to properly feed myself for true health and happiness. And I wish to help you do the same.

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Ready to step into your life

free from restriction, obsession & guilt?

How do I join?

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1- Start by filling the application form below.

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2- If your application qualifies, I will reach out to you directly to schedule a time to chat, talk about your goals & determine if you are a good fit for coaching.

Your investment: 7500 LE

What client say about working with Yasmine

Frequently Asked Questions

If I eat without food rules, won’t I keep gaining weight?

In short? No, not necessarily. Depending on where your body’s at and what it needs, you could gain a little weight, stay the same size, or lose weight. (But weight loss is never the goal here!)

If you come from a background of heavy restriction, you may need to gain weight in order for your body to function optimally. If you’ve been binge eating, weight loss may happen. For some, their weight is simply maintained.

What topics can nutrition coaching help me with?

The work we will do together will focus on food, movement, body image, stress management, coping skills, sleep habits, boundary setting, and more.

What makes me a good fit for the program?

If you are ready to let go of diet culture, willing to explore food freedom and prioritize health gain rather than weigh loss, this as a start makes you a good candidate for the program.

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