We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience ♥️

Life Story Coaching is a joyful self-exploration journey, through it we sail deeply into ourselves to discover our inner treasures (the real you)

So, through the journey

You will fall in love with yourself. You will meet “the feminine and the masculine ” inside you and learn how to build a loving dance between them… then love would love to meet you ♥️

Your inner child, the teenager, and the unhealed version of you are waiting for you, so we will meet them all with love and compassion and unite them all.

Our emotions are our honest navigator of the journey, but for years we used to numb them to avoid the pain, and through such process we lost the road and the sight as well… so it’s time to reconnect with our honest friend.

Our bodies are miraculous creations that carry our souls, and carry a lot of secrets about our real self, so we will connect to it to reveal its secrets, and learn how to listen to each part of it. Each part of the body carves your love and is waiting for you to connect with it patiently, so we will learn how to respond to its callings

If you are ready for such loving journey, I’ll be happy to be your loving guide ♥️

Yoga meditation

رحلتنا على الأرض عبارة عن عمل فنى، بكل أحداثه و تفاصيله و مشاهده و المشاعر اللى بنعيشها فى كل مشهد… بعض الأرواح أدركت الجمال فى الرحلة و ابتدت تعيش الحياه بكل بساطة و استمتاع حتى مع المشاهد الصعبة، و بعض الأرواح فى مرحلة الاستكشاف و البحث و البعض لسة فى مرحلة من الرحلة فيها معاناه و عدم إدراك للجمال الكامن جواها…

فى بيت مى للحب و الفن، هشارك ازاى الحب و الفن كان ليهم دور مهم فى رحلتى، و ازاى ده ممكن يساعد نفهم ذاتنا و نستمتع بالرحلة بكل حب و ده بيدأ من حب الذات

و ده هيبقى محتوى مجانى، ف أحب تشرفونى هناك