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Stop dieting Start living

Empowering women to end the restrict-binge cycle & make peace with food, body and exercise. Let us guide you to health and happiness!

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Want to experience a ​healthier Ramadan?

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Yasmine Mamdouh

An ex-dieter who decided to be ​a nutrition coach. A chocolate ​lover. A firm believer in FOOD ​FREEDOM and I am here to help ​you regain control over your ​food, body and life!

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You deserve a life without worrying about food or weight

Join Us in Embracing ​Food Freedom!

You have the right to feel empowered and liberated ​around food.

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It’s time to nourish yourself without guilt or fear

Good health

starts from within.

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Realign how you think about food & eating to let go of that diet mentality and make peace with food.

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Embody confidence with eating, managing the urge to binge, navigating emotional eating & exploring your body image.

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Feel empowered to live a free & healthy lifestyle by embracing joyful movement, gentle nutrition, and more.

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